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In. Fb. Tw. Li.

How one entrepreneur’s dream turned into a life-changing fitness destination?

Client: TriCore

After nearly 20 years of personally training hundreds and hundreds of fitness clients, business owner Stephanie Delamora was ready to take her next entrepreneurial step. After renaming her personally branded studio to a new name, TriCore, Stephanie came to AWE to help make TriCore fitness come to life.


During the branding process, we centered around the message that “YOU” define your own definition of what “fit” is. No one else. And TriCore is simply there to help. It was important to make sure the brand is anchored by the three main pillars of the Tricore experience: strength, endurance and mobility. We developed a super simple set of icons to highlights these, along with a color coded system. We kept the logo direction simple in design, but added a key element to all of the branded visuals: The element of time.


The logos and icons were designed to be activated with animations that are great for the website we built, great for social and especially great for videos. This is not just about “logo.” We built an entire brand system for TriCore. We mapped a vision for a line of products, future training materials, apparel and so much more.


With all the branding lined up, it was time to capture it all. Our photo and video team did a series of onsite shoots to capture everything we needed for the website, materials and for advertising and PR. And speaking of PR, in this case we also got to launch this brand with our PR and marketing team. TriCore’s debut publicity kicked off with a great bang, with media coverage across the board.


And in the fitness world, it’s all about generating new leads. So finally, we paired our big media push with an aggressive and targeted social media ad campaign that brought new leads to TriCore again and again.