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In. Fb. Tw. Li.

Predicting a war on media, 18 months before it happened.

Client: KJZZ

It’s eerie how accurately AWE predicted the year’s election climate. KJZZ, the local NPR affiliate, took AWE to task with crafting its membership drive campaign. Recognizing the upcoming tough year for media in the face of escalating rhetoric and false messaging, AWE linked the fundraising efforts to political campaigns with the goal of promoting strong journalism and a pure, fact-driven source of information. We launched a series of short, digital videos of high-profile people emphasizing the importance of clear and credible information in their lives – regardless of political affiliation. “Not Red or Blue” accurately and succinctly expresses the fact that we can’t be so easily placed into boxes, despite what political ads and pundits assert. We make our own choices, and access to credible information – such as the neutral, clear media and information coming from KJZZ – is more critical than ever, and no one has to choose red, blue, green or what have you to access it.