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#OfficeGoals: From Blah to AWE

When it comes to remaking a space where you spend a lot of time – such as your office – the process itself seems quite daunting. So much so, in fact, that it often becomes easier to procrastinate the project than it is to design a game plan, allocate tasks accordingly and start tackling them one-by-one. We at AWE once, too, rode that procrastination train-to-nowhere, but when we finally pulled it together, we wondered why we hadn’t done so years before. A fresh new space inspires fresh new ideas, so here’s our tips for giving your office space an updated, much-needed facelift designed to stimulate, motivate and inspire.
Tip 1:
Take Things Room by Room
You know why home and office makeover projects seem so intimidating? Because they are. Unless you have no job, no family, no pets and nothing but time on your hands, you’re facing a long road ahead, and you are undoubtedly going to hit a couple of bumps along the way. Now that we’ve really piqued your enthusiasm about an office revamp, let’s move on to Tip 2.
Tip 2:
Know When to DIY – and When Not To
If you have some semblance of an artistic touch, there are probably a lot of tasks you can confidently do the DIY route. Just as important as understanding where you can pinch pennies, however, is recognizing where you really shouldn’t. If something is dangerous, high above the ground or electrical in nature, it might be best left to a pro. Where possible, however, getting your hands dirty can stretch your budget astronomically and make the final product an even bigger point of pride.
TIP 3:
Determine Your Design Priorities
Many people find that it helps them stay on budget if they designate certain areas where they might be willing to spend the big bucks before concentrating their efforts on smaller knick-knacks and décor. Budget the big stuff first, whether it be furniture, new technology or updated signage, and save any money you may have left over for the small stuff.
TIP 4:
Define Your Office Culture and Express It Through Your Space
When dreaming up the new direction for your office space, stop and think first about what it is that defines you and the company. Maybe it’s your colorful personalities, or perhaps it’s the emphasis you place on creating a comfortable and cohesive work environment. Whatever makes your business what it is, think about how you can translate it into your physical space and interweave it seamlessly through your new design.
Much like redecorating or revamping your own home, redoing your office can make every work day brighter. These tips were compiled during our own office rebrand, so stop by and see it for yourself sometime and enjoy an opportunity to pick our brains about our own studio re-do at the same time.