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In. Fb. Tw. Li.

Meet the AWE team member you never knew you needed.

It’s true, some things are definitely worth the wait. It’s been a long search, but we’ve finally found the person we’ve been looking for. Meet our new Marketing & Development Manager, Benjamin Bailey! On the surface, Ben looks like what you would expect from a Marketing Development Manager. His collared shirts, stylish jeans and tidy haircut read complete professionalism and approachability. He’s built marketing strategies for brands across the country and is equipped with a strong background in journalism. But as the newest member of the AWE Collective team, it should be no surprise that right below the surface lies a former guitarist of an “obnoxious” rock band, a Godzilla enthusiast, the dad to four rambunctious youngsters and an expert in all things nerd culture. In his new role with AWE, Ben will be new clients’ first introduction to AWE and a bridge to the right AWE teams for their branding, public relations and marketing needs. Ready to #LevelUp? Go on, and give Ben a call –– 480.275.8888.