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In. Fb. Tw. Li.

Oh snap! It’s our photography team’s picks for “Favorite Food + Drink Photos of 2018!”

You’ve heard how many words one picture says. Well, to date, our team has snapped and delivered over 2,000+ photos in 2018. Yep, that says a lot. Our talented photo team members are experts at a wide variety of photography genres –– commercial, editorial, product, architectural, photojournalistic, fashion, landscape and more. But, of course, food and drink photography is one of our faves! Whether it’s a multi-day shoot or a quick, half-hour session, our photogs love jumping into the mind of a chef, baker or artisan and making the dish look perfect for billboards, magazines, social media or digital ads. And that’s exactly where you’ve seen our photography work before! Every month AWE’s photos can be found in every news publication, popping up all over Facebook and Instagram and maybe even displayed 48-feet wide on a billboard. Check out some of our favorite food and drink pics in 2018 below.And are you ready for your close-up? Book AWE’s photography and videography services today at or by emailing your inquiry to