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Behind the Someburros Rebrand: A Vision for the Next 30 Years

Someburros is an undeniable staple in Arizona when it comes to top-notch Mexican fare, and the fact that it is so beloved proved both a blessing and a curse when it came time to come up with a plan to rebrand.
Following 30 years in the business, head honchos at the family owned and operated eatery with 8 statewide locations wanted to give Someburros a fresh new look and feel – without changing the product itself or shifting the focus away from the restaurant’s reliance on decades old, tried-and-true family recipes. The Vasquez family tasked AWE with coming up with a complete rebrand plan, from redesigning the eatery’s logo and packaging to redefining its key messaging and communications efforts.
The first step in any rebrand process is to ensure that the client falls in love with the proposed new direction and stands firmly behind it, and the second involves spreading the word – broadly – before the rebrand itself starts to roll out. Simply put, people are resistant to change. By over-communicating the fact that changes were on the horizon and having a plan in place “for the haters,” so-to-speak, the AWE crew was able to get ahead of the game, ease any concerns and help longtime fans feel as if they were a part of the rebrand process – and not just impartial bystanders.
When fans returned to dine following the rebrand, they were treated to a vibrant, striking new Someburros, and found the new branding elements incorporated seamlessly in features throughout all Someburros locations, from menus and signage to napkins and new employee uniforms – many of which were worn by members of the Vasquez family.
Finally, the AWE team helped pioneer a new “Vamos Verde!” sustainability campaign at Someburros, with all locations swapping from Styrofoam and plastic plates, cups and glassware to evergreen ceramic and metal reusable ones. By adapting to the needs of consumers without sacrificing the standards and traditions that led Someburros to thrive in the first place, the eatery was able to increase its relevance and enhance its name recognition among new consumers while catering carefully and thoughtfully to old ones.