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Behind the AWE Brand Refresh: 7 Notes for Going Under the Rebrand Knife

Even the best of brands need to change things up now and then to keep current and stay relevant, and the AWE squad is no exception. We practice what we preach, and that’s why we’re offering up an inside look at our own kickass rebrand – as well as a few tips to help you not botch your own brand’s facelift.
1. Divide and Conquer
Designate folks to be in charge of what they do best. There are an overwhelming amount of moving pieces when it comes to a rebrand, but it becomes far more manageable when you have the right people in charge of the right job.
2. Deliver on Deadline
Seriously. You do it for your clients and customers, so don’t do your own business the disservice of letting things slide. It’s tempting to place your own tasks on the back burner in an effort to serve others faster, but you won’t get it done if you keep letting it slide.
3. Set Goals and a Brand Expiration Date
Wait, what?! Yes. See opening paragraph. You don’t have to change your name or make any fundamental changes to your business that would impact your customer’s ability to recognize you – rather, you can roll out a new logo, a colorful social media campaign and some catchy keywords and language to interject into your efforts to breathe new life into your brand.
4. Set Meetings + Stick to ‘Em
Approach the rebrand for your own business in the same manner you’d serve your own clients or customers. Set regular meetings, make sure all trains remain on track and designate who and when team members need to pick up any pieces as needed.
5. Edit Yourself Accordingly
Ample ideas are never a bad thing, but if you ever want to get anything accomplished, you’re going to have to reel things in a bit. Make sure you’re concentrating your efforts on tasks you can reasonably accomplish by your launch date and scale back as needed.
6. Prioritize
Distinguish between your “musts” and your “wants”. Tackle the most important, time-consuming tasks first and let those can wait a little bit do so.
7. DON’T:
Ask your neighbor’s-cousin’s-daughter who’s in art school about their thoughts about the new brand. Trust us, it’s just something best left avoided.
There you have it
AWE’s tips for surviving – and being successful – with your business’s rebrand. We followed these seven steps, and we’re thrilled with the final product.